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Personal training

Result-oriented personal training concept, focused on one-to-one training, dietetics guidance and coaching.


Feeling fit, having more energy or losing weight. Together with our dietitians you develop a healthy and sustainable diet.

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Having trouble losing weight and eating healthy? We prepare fresh, delicious meals and snacks that match your objectives.

About Dietitian

I graduated in early 2013 from the HBO degree in Nutrition & Dietetics with the Lifestyle, Information and Media profile. After that I followed a number of Post HBO courses on Overweight & Obesity and COPD & Nutrition. After graduating, I immediately went to work as an independent dietitian.


I have gained experience with many different target groups, such as athletes (with a sports goal or injury), adults and children with overweight / obesity, pregnant women, the underweight / COPD, people with diabetes (gestational diabetes, type 2 diabetes), high blood pressure and / or high cholesterol and digestive problems such as a food intolerance. I like to coach people towards a healthy lifestyle, whether this is 1 on 1, in the form of a seminar or a course.


I chose to work with FLS concept because I believe that nutrition and exercise (sports) cannot do without each other. Together with a team of trainers, physical therapists, cognitive behavioral coaches and dietitians, it is great to help people achieve their health goals. This is the power of FLS concept, that everything can be found under 1 roof.


In my free time I like to spend time with friends and family, preferably while enjoying a snack and drink. In addition, I like to photograph and travel.


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