Can I see C.S Lewis and Sigmund Freud’s work here in your website?

You can’t see and read their works on our website for we only give information about them but you can see what their works are and where to find them.

What is “Freud’s Last Session” play about?

It’s about Dr. Sigmund Freud and C.S Lewis clash and debate about God’s existence, life, love, and other things. The two talked about those issues before Freud’s death a few weeks after.

How can I buy tickets for your plays and where can I find them?

You can simply buy from our website just by going to the tickets section and following the steps but if you find that difficult or you want to buy personally, we can give you the places where you can find these tickets. You still have to go to ticket section and find the locations of the stores.

How can I be updated about the show with this website?

Our page posts news and other articles regarding the productions and updates on this play. We also provide information on where the play is currently being shown. By doing so, viewers and non-viewers can still be updated.

Can I see the actors who portrayed the characters too?

Yes, the actors who played the roles can be found in our site as well. You can check them out in our cast section, see who they are and know more about them. We have their profiles and interviews available for you.

I want to know about the creator of this play, can I see info about him too?

Of course, you can definitely search about Mark St. Germain’s details. He’s the one who created this show and that’s why we cannot leave him behind in this website.