Protein diet: tasty recipes

Protein diet: tasty recipes

Do you want to lose weight fast and responsibly without being hungry? Then a protein diet might be something for you. With this you can lose 2-3 kilos per week, while at the same time taking good care of your body.

How does a protein diet work?

Research has shown that you burn more fat if your diet consists of at least 30% protein. With a diet with a relatively high protein content, you lose pounds a week, but you do get the good nutrients so that you don’t lose muscle tissue.

Which foods contain proteins?

Proteins, also called proteins, are found in many products such as meat, fish, eggs, tofu and dairy. Brown rice, legumes, vegetables, oatmeal and nuts also contain proteins, but less than in animal products.

Complex and simple carbohydrates
To lose weight, it is important to eat enough complex carbohydrates (for example multigrain products, fruit, quinoa) and unsaturated fats (such as olive oil, avocado and fatty fish) in addition to proteins. Simple carbohydrates (sugars, white rice, pasta) are better avoided.

Tips for breakfast

Good and tasty protein sources for breakfast are dairy, oatmeal and eggs. Low-fat cottage cheese has a sour taste, but you can easily make it tastier. Add some fruit, fresh or from the freezer. Orange juice is also a tasty addition. To make the breakfast even more filling, you can stir muesli or nuts through the curd cheese.

You can go in any direction with eggs: boiled, fried or poached. Or make a delicious omelette by beating eggs (whole or protein only) with milk. Add vegetables and / or herbs to taste, possibly also meat (for example ham or chicken fillet) or some grated cheese. Protein pancakes are also delicious for breakfast. You make this by mixing egg whites (not yolk!) With oatmeal and fruit purée (for example apple sauce or mashed banana) and baking.

Tasty lunch

If all goes well, your breakfast fills up so well that you don’t need snacks until lunch. Of course you can also eat breakfast recipes, such as a tasty omelette, as a delicious lunch. Good alternatives are a salad of lettuce (arugula, lamb’s lettuce) with tuna and tomatoes. Or a salad with various fresh vegetables and smoked chicken fillet.

And what about wraps with lettuce, cottage cheese and smoked salmon? In addition, soups are also an easy way to eat proteins. Every soup is suitable for this, such as chicken soup or tomato soup (with meatballs, ham strips and / or white beans). A more exotic side dish is hummus (also written as houmous), an Eastern pasta of chickpeas. Delicious as a dip for fresh vegetables. The following applies to all these recipes: watch out with bread, which contains a lot of carbohydrates. If you still want to eat bread, eat multigrain bread or low-carbohydrate bread.

High protein dinner

Dinner is perhaps the easiest meal to get a lot of protein. Use brown rice or quinoa as a base, add a lot of fresh vegetables and finish with a nice piece of meat or fish. Or an egg of course. Also meals with legumes such as capuchins, lentils or beans are a good basis for a protein-rich meal. In the summer, a meal salad with fish, chicken or feta is an ideal choice.

Enjoy your meal!
Perhaps the most important thing is: don’t forget to enjoy your food!